B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia

The B211A Visit Visa is suitable for anyone who wants to travel to Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia as well as for someone who is already in Indonesia and wants to apply for a new visa without leaving the country (the onshore visa is only possible if you are currently in Indonesia on a B211A Visa). There are several purposes of visit available including tourism, business, study abroad, academic internship, volunteering and transit. You have the option to purchase visa extensions at the same time or you can contact us later to organize them separately.

It usually takes 7-10 business days to process your B211A visa. This duration is estimated and not guaranteed. We always keep an eye on the processing time and update it here regularly. Weekends and public holidays don't count towards the processing days. If you have already booked a flight and are not sure the visa will arrive in time, we recommend to order express.
Express processing takes a maximum of 3-5 working days.
Do you have a business meeting in Indonesia? Or are you planning an investment (e.g. opening a restaurant/cafe/yoga studio) or would you like to get prices for export items? Then business is the right purpose of your B211A visa. Important: the business visa does not include a work permit. It is not permitted to generate sales in Indonesia.
You are coming to Indonesia for an academic internship.
Choose this option if you would like to do a short course (yoga instructor course or similar) or study in one of the exchange programs in Bali (e.g. Studies Network, Asia Exchange, GoBali or StudyInBali) or another study abroad program in Indonesia.
Are you traveling and coming to Bali or another Indonesian island for vacation? Then tourism is the right purpose for your B211A visa.
You are entering Indonesia in order to transit to another country (for example for cruise ship workers).
You participate in a volunteering program or you are coming to Indonesia for other humanitarian purposes to help people or animals. Then this is the right purpose for your B211A visa.
The visa is valid for 60 days from the date of entry into Indonesia and can be extended up to two times for another 60 days each (maximum 180 days in total). For the extension in Bali, it is mandatory to be present in person at immigration. A photo and fingerprints are taken.
This option includes the visa for 60 days and an extension for another 60 days. You can spend 120 days in Indonesia. You also have the option to book another extension for 60 days if needed. For the extension, you need to visit the immigration office for photo and fingerprint.
This option includes the visa for 60 days and two extensions for additional 60 days each. So you can spend up to 180 days in Indonesia. For the extensions you have to visit the Immigration Office to have a passport photo and fingerprints taken. After 180 days you have the option to apply for a new (onshore) B211A visa without leaving the country.

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Refund Policy

We have an extremely customer-friendly refund policy.


We are available from early in the morning until late at night via WhatsApp, email and phone.


Our service does not end with the issuance of the visa. We will continue to be there for you afterwards.

We are proud to offer the fastest and easiest application process yet with the best value for money. You will receive the electronic visa directly from us via email and can enter Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia with it. If you have any questions, we are available via WhatsApp, Live chat, email or phone. In all the time that we have been offering this service, no visa application has ever been rejected.

Who needs a B211A visa?

All those who…

  • … want to stay longer than 60 days in Indonesia
  • … want to stay 31-60 in Indonesia without having to spend time on the Visa on Arrival extension process
  • … are not eligible for a Visa On Arrival (see Visa On Arrival list here)
  • … are unsure how long they want to stay in Indonesia and want to keep the possibility open to extending their stay up to 180 days without having to leave the country
  • … plan to apply for another visa afterward without having to leave the country (e.g. Onshore B211A, retirement ITAS, marriage ITAS, investor ITAS etc.)
  • … are currently in Indonesia with a B211A Visa and need a new visa because the old one is about to expire (Onshore Visa)

The B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia is the perfect way to experience the beauty and culture of this vibrant country. With this visa, you’ll be able to stay in Indonesia for up to three months, giving you plenty of time to explore its incredible sights, sounds, and flavors. Whether you’re looking for an adventure in the bustling cities or a peaceful retreat to the countryside, the B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia will make your dream come true. Enjoy hassle-free travel with all the benefits of a valid visa, including access to medical care, banking services, and other amenities. With the B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia, you’ll have the opportunity to make amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Please note that currently, this type of visa is not available for citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Guinea, Israel, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea or Somalia.

We have divided the requirements for the visa into two subsections. In the first section, you will see what is required for the application, and in the second what is needed for your flight and entry into Indonesia.

For the visa application you need the following:

    • Color copies of passport ID page and cover
      A scan of the outside cover (front and back) and the ID page are required. Your passport should be valid for at least 12 months. Proper scans are recommended but if you take photos instead, make sure all corners are visible and no fingers can be seen.
    • Vaccination certificate (For people age 18 and older)
      Vaccination book with a minimum of two vaccinations against COVID-19, digital certificates of two separate vaccinations (1st or 2nd AND 2nd or 3rd), or a medical certificate from a government hospital in the country of departure of inability to take part in the Covid-19 vaccination program due to a special health condition or comorbid disease.
    • Passport photo/profile picture
      At least 3.5 x 4.5 cm and 100KB. Preferably wearing a shirt with a collar and on white background. A selfie is accepted as long as the resolution is high and the background is white.
    • International health insurance / Travel insurance (no longer mandatory for visa but highly recommended for your trip)
      In English if possible. It should be evident that this international health insurance or travel health insurance is valid for the whole duration of your stay in Indonesia.


For departure and entry

Please have on hand the following documents for your flight check-in and entry into Indonesia:

  • Passport
  • Covid-19 vaccination certificate
  • Return ticket
    In addition to your ticket for the flight to Indonesia, you may be required to show a return or onward ticket when departing for or entering Indonesia. Some airlines may refuse boarding if the ticket is not within 60 days of your entry into Indonesia.
  • e-Visa
    You will receive the e-visa with QR code from us (please print it out).
  • PeduliLindungi app installed on your phone
    The app is available for Android or iOS. Most people have problems with registering to the app, but you should at least have it installed on your phone as it is an entry requirement.

1) Add the B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for payment.

2) After checkout, you will be redirected to a form where you can enter all relevant data for the visa application and upload the required documents.

3) We will check your data and documents and get back to you within one business day via email or WhatsApp.

4) If everything is in order and we have received your visa fee payment, we will upload the data into the immigration system. If you have chosen bank transfer as the payment method, we will need a bank transfer receipt from you, as sometimes it takes a while for the money to show up on our account.

5) We will send you your e-visa by email, with which you can then enter Indonesia. We are still available for you if you have any questions about entry requirements or the like.

Discounts are automatically applied as soon as 3 or more B211A visas are in the shopping cart. The discount is shown in the shopping cart and at checkout.

Family discount:
We give families with one child a discount of 20 USD per person (a total saving of 60 USD). Families with 2 children automatically get a discount of 30 USD per person (a total saving of 120 USD). Families with 3 or more children automatically get a discount of 40 USD per person (total saving of 200+ USD). The Indonesian government does not differentiate between adults, children, and babies regarding visa fees. We grant the discount to support traveling families.


Group discount:
3 people: 20 USD/person (=60 USD)
4 people: 30 USD/person (=120 USD)
5 or more people: 40 USD/person (=200+ USD)

Who is the sponsor of my visa?

Answer: In 90% of all cases our company is the sponsor of your visa. We also cooperate with several companies in the field of tourism and legal services. Depending on the requirements of the application, we decide on the best sponsor for your case. For example, if a customer needs the visa as soon as possible, we use the partner who can currently deliver the fastest at the lowest price. If a customer wants to stay longer than 60 days, we use the partner with the least complicated visa extension process. We base the decision our experience from the past years as well as from the previous weeks regarding processing times.

Can this visa also be applied for children?

Answer: Yes, the B211A visa can also be applied for partners and children. However, each family member (including children) need a separate visa.

Is a refund possible?

Answer: In case of no visa issuance due to border closures or customer cancellation (before submission to the immigration authorities) we charge EUR 49 processing fee per person. In case of rejection of the visa application by the Indonesian immigration authorities or cancellation by the customer (after the processing at the authorities has already started), a partial refund is still possible (amount depends on already incurred costs and workload). After receiving your visa, no refund is possible.

How often does it happen that a visa application is rejected?

Answer: We have not yet had a case where a visa application was rejected. As long as the above-mentioned requirements are met, the visa should be granted. Reason for rejection would be, for example, if the customer has been entered into the Indonesian blacklist due to violations of Indonesian law or because there is an outstanding international arrest warrant on the customer..

How does the visa extension work if I want to stay longer than 60 days?

Answer: To extend your visa, please purchase the visa extension on our website and hand in your passport to us at least 10 days before your visa expires. We will take care of the extension procedure although you must also be present at the immigration office for your photo and fingerprint appointment during the 1st extension.

Can I extend my B211A visa myself?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is not possible because your sponsor must handle the actual visa extension procedure.

How do I receive the actual visa and what is the format of the B211A visa?

Answer: The B211A eVisa is sent by us as a PDF file with a QR code to your email. You print the eVisa and get the visa sticker plus stamp in your passport after showing the eVisa at the immigration on arrival in Indonesia.

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We will not be able to process any visa applications during the time of immigration closure. Please order your visa now if you need it asap.


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