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Investor Visa Indonesia (KITAS)

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  • Easy online application
  • Fast application processing
  • Available almost anytime
You are currently in Indonesia and want to apply (onshore).
You want to apply from OUTSIDE of Indonesia (offshore).
The regular KITAS processing time is 4 to 6 weeks.
The express KITAS processing time is approx. 8 working days.

The Investor KITAS, is for foreign investors aiming to establish or invest in business activities, such as PT PMA, within Indonesia.

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Best price-performance ratio without negotiating.

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We are available from early in the morning until late at night via WhatsApp, email and phone.


Our service does not end with the issuance of the visa. We will continue to be there for you afterwards.

1. Add to cart

Purchase the e-Visa On Arrival by adding it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

2. Fill the Form

After checkout you will receive a link to the form where you can enter your data and required documents.

3. Receive Your Visa

Once your e-Visa On Arrival is approved, expect a message from our team via WhatsApp or email. Your e-Visa PDF will be on its way!

Onshore/Offshore application:Onshore and offshore
Valid from entry/activation:2 years
Number of possible extensions:2
Additional years per extension:2 years
Maximum length of stay:6 years
Convertible in another visa:No

We are proud to offer the fastest and easiest application process with the best value for money. You will receive the electronic visa directly from us via email. If you have any questions, we are available via WhatsApp, Live chat, or email. In all the time that we have been offering this service, no visa application has ever been rejected.

The Investor KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas) is a specific residence permit intended for foreign investors seeking to establish or invest in business activities (PT PMA) in Indonesia. This type of KITAS grants several advantages to investors, including simplified application procedures and exemption from work permit fees, making it a highly advantageous option for managing their investments in Indonesia.

This visa type has 2 years of validity and allows investors to repeatedly enter and leave Indonesia during the validity of the visa. The foreigners who want to apply for the investor KITAS should be a shareholder in their company whether as a director or commissioner with a minimum share of 10,000,ooo,000 IDR, and the minimum amount of the capital on their company is 10,000,000,000 IDR.

Another form of convenience is being allowed to apply for a permanent stay permit visa (KITAP) which is valid for 5 years and also an opportunity to apply for Indonesian citizenship if they are interested.


Required Documents (from Applicant):

  • Sponsor Letter
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Scan of Passport: Identity page and cover (in color). A passport needs to be valid for a minimum of 30 months
  • Bank Statement of Applicant from the last 3 months with currently minimum balance equal to  USD 3,000
  • Self-Photo (Color)

Required Documents (from Company):

  • Decree from the Ministry for Legalization of the Article of Association of the Company
  • Article of Association of the Company and any latest deed amendments
  • Business Identity Number/Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB)
  • Operational License (Izin Usaha) or Standard Certificate ( for new OSS RBA)
  • Location Permit License ( OSS document)
  • Company Tax Number (NPWP Badan Usaha)
  • Passport and ITAS of the Director or KTP or ID of Local Director/Manager
  • Company letterhead and stamp
  • ID of Indonesian person responsible ( manager/ director/ commissioner)
  • Bank Statements under company’s name for last 3 months with minimum amount 10.000 USD or Equals


1) If you already have the PMA,  You can directly Add the Investor KITAS E28A for Indonesia to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for payment. ( Note: If you still do not have the PMA Business License, We can help you to arrange the PMA and We can discuss it via WhatsApp, Zoom meeting or direct meeting)

2) After checkout, you will be redirected to a form where you can enter all relevant data for the KITAS application and upload the required documents.

3) We will check your data and documents and get back to you within one business day via email or WhatsApp.

4) If everything is in order and we have received your visa fee payment, we will upload the data into the immigration system. If you have chosen bank transfer as the payment method, we will need a bank transfer receipt from you, as sometimes it takes a while for the money to show up on our account.
5) First, we will register your company as a sponsor to immigration. The process will take around 2-3 business days

6) After we get the approval notification from the immigration office, we will continue to process your E- Visa to the immigration system and the process will take around 7-14 business days.

7) After we get the E- Visa, we will send it to you through WhatsApp or Email. You have to enter Indonesia within 90 days of the E-Visa being issued.

8) After you arrive in Indonesia, You have to let us know a maximum of two weeks after your arrival and we will arrange to pick up your passport or you can come to our office to drop your passport.

9) We will submit your passport to the immigration office to process your E-KITAS or multiple-entry permit. The process will take around 10-14 business days. You are required to visit the immigration office one time for photo and fingerprint.

10) When the E-KITAS and passport are ready, we will let you know and you can pick them up from our office or we can arrange to drop your passport.



To qualify for an Investor KITAS, the company must have an authorized capital exceeding 10 billion IDR, and at least 25% of this capital must be paid up. Moreover, the investor should have invested a minimum of 1 billion IDR in personal shares in a PMA company and hold the position of Director or Commissioner. Alternatively, individuals who don't hold any position in an Indonesian company but have personal shares valued at over 1,125,000,000 IDR are also eligible to apply for an Investor KITAS, although it's important to note that work is not permitted under this category.

You can extend your KITAS maximum 2 times, after that you can apply for the KITAP.

Yes, you can promote your business on social media but should be under the business account not the personal account.

Yes, it is require you to make the report of the Indonesian tax.

Yes, you are allow to invest in another company as long as a silent shareholder.

Yes, you can because that is also the benefit of having the KITAS.

Yes, as long as you also bring your Indonesian staff as a companion.

Yes, family members, such as spouses and dependent children, of Investor KITAS holders may be eligible for dependent KITAS, allowing them to reside in Indonesia.

While Indonesia encourages foreign investment in various sectors, there may be restrictions or special requirements for certain sensitive sectors. These restrictions were typically in place to protect domestic industries, national security, or cultural interests.

If the investment project fails or is terminated prematurely, it may impact the Investor KITAS. Investors should report any changes to the relevant authorities and follow proper procedures for permit adjustments or cancellations.


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