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You are planning an investment (e.g. opening a restaurant/cafe/yoga studio) or would you like to get prices for export items? Then business is the right purpose of your B211A visa. Important: the business visa does not include a work permit. It is not permitted to generate sales in Indonesia.
You are visiting Indonesia more than once a year for governmental service.
You are visiting Indonesia more than once a year for tourism purpose.
You already have an Indonesian company that acts as a sponsor/guarantor for you.
It usually takes 7-10 business days to process your B211A visa. This duration is estimated and not guaranteed. We always keep an eye on the processing time and update it here regularly. Weekends and public holidays don't count towards the processing days. If you have already booked a flight and are not sure the visa will arrive in time, we recommend to order express.
Express processing takes a maximum of 3-5 working days.

The 1-year Multiple-Entry Visa Indonesia is especially suitable for tourists or business people who visit Indonesia more than once a year and usually stay less than 60 days during each visit. At the end of 2023, the D1/D2 was made extendable, so you can extend each visit for up to 180 days (60 days at a time).

Since March 2023 the multiple-entry visa for Indonesia is available again for all nationalities that are eligible for 211A visa.

Price Performance Ratio

Best price-performance ratio without negotiating.

Refund Policy

We have an extremely customer-friendly refund policy.


We are available from early in the morning until late at night via WhatsApp, email and phone.


Our service does not end with the issuance of the visa. We will continue to be there for you afterwards.

1. Add to cart

Purchase the e-Visa On Arrival by adding it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

2. Fill the Form

After checkout you will receive a link to the form where you can enter your data and required documents.

3. Receive Your Visa

Once your e-Visa On Arrival is approved, expect a message from our team via WhatsApp or email. Your e-Visa PDF will be on its way!

We are proud to offer the fastest and easiest application process yet with the best value for money. The best thing about the e-visa process is that you don’t have to go to the embassy. You will receive the electronic visa directly from us via email and can enter Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia with it. If you have any questions, we are available via WhatsApp, Live chat or email. In all the time that we have been offering this service, no visa application has ever been rejected.

Who needs a D1/D2 multiple entry visa?

If you are frequently visiting to Indonesia for tourism, business activities or governmental services but usually don’t stay longer than a maximum of 60 days at a time, the D1/D2 visa is the right option for you. In case you’d like to stay longer than 60 days during some visits, it’s possible to extend the visa for 60 days at a time up to a maximum of 180 days.

We have divided the requirements for the visa into two subsections. In the first section, you will see what is required for the application, and in the second what is needed for your flight and entry into Indonesia.

For the visa application you need the following:

    • Color copy of passport ID page
      A scan of the ID page is required. Your passport should be valid for at least 18 months from the first entry into Indonesia. Proper scan is recommended but if you take a photo instead, make sure all corners are visible and no fingers can be seen. All letters and numbers must be readable.
    • Passport photo/profile picture
      At least 3.5 x 4.5 cm, 100KB and 400x600px. You must be facing straight to the camera, wear formal clothes and the background must be white or light coloured. You shouldn’t be positioned too far or too close to the camera. A selfie is accepted as long as the resolution is high and you are facing straight to the camera.
    • Personal Bank Statement from the past 3 months with min. USD 2000 balance
      Bank statement must include applicant’s name, time period of 3 months and a minimum balance of USD 2000 or equivalent.

For departure and entry

Please have on hand the following documents for each flight check-in and entry into Indonesia:

  • Passport
  • Return ticket
    In addition to your ticket for the flight to Indonesia, you may be required to show a return or onward ticket when departing for or entering Indonesia. Some airlines may refuse to allow you to board if the ticket is not within 60 days of your entry into Indonesia.
  • e-Visa
    You will receive the e-visa with a barcode from us (please print it out if possible).

1) Add the D1/D2 Visit Visa for Indonesia to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for payment.

2) After checkout, you will be redirected to a form where you can enter all relevant data for the visa application and upload the required documents.

3) We will check your data and documents and get back to you within one business day via email or WhatsApp.

4) If everything is in order and we have received the visa fee payment, we will upload your visa application into the immigration system. If you have chosen bank transfer as the payment method, we will need a bank transfer receipt from you as sometimes it takes a while for the payment to arrive on our account.

5) We will send you your e-visa by email, with which you can then enter Indonesia. We are still available for you if you have any questions about entry requirements or the like.

Discounts are automatically applied as soon as 3 or more D1/D2 visas are in the shopping cart. The discount is shown in the shopping cart and at checkout.

Family discount:
We give families with one child a discount of 20 USD per person (a total saving of 60 USD). Families with 2 children automatically get a discount of 30 USD per person (a total saving of 120 USD). Families with 3 or more children automatically get a discount of 40 USD per person (total saving of 200+ USD). The Indonesian government does not differentiate between adults, children, and babies regarding visa fees. We grant the discount to support traveling families, but in general we do not recommend this type of visa for families travelling with young children.


Group discount:
3 people: 20 USD/person (=60 USD)
4 people: 30 USD/person (=120 USD)
5 or more people: 40 USD/person (=200+ USD)

Yes, the D1/D2 visa can also be applied for partners and children, although we do not recommend this type of visa for families travelling with young children. Each family member (including children) need a separate visa.

In case of no visa issuance due to border closures or customer cancellation (before submission to the immigration authorities) we charge EUR 49 processing fee per person. In case of rejection of the visa application by the Indonesian immigration authorities or cancellation by the customer (after the processing at the authorities has already started), a partial refund is still possible (amount depends on already incurred costs and workload). After receiving your visa, no refund is possible.

We have not yet had a case where a visa application was rejected. As long as the above-mentioned requirements are met, the visa should be granted. Reason for rejection would be, for example, if the customer has been entered into the Indonesian blacklist due to violations of Indonesian law or because there is an outstanding international arrest warrant on the customer..

Yes. You can extend each stay in Indonesia for 60 days at a time until a maximum of 180 days.

The D1/D2 eVisa is sent by us as a PDF file with a QR code to your email. You print the eVisa and get the visa sticker plus stamp in your passport after showing the eVisa at the immigration on arrival in Indonesia.

Since March 2023, all citizens that are eligible for 211A visa are also eligible for multiple-entry visa

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shuhratjon Khalilbekov (Dushanbe)

Multiple-Entry Visa Indonesia

Abid Rehman (Sharjah)
Excellent Service

I applied for D2 Business Visa and i was getting anxious and stressed when it took more time than my expectations.In this whole process Ms Rita helped me with all the process and answered my all questions and made it possible.I will recommend Visa Indonesia to all and will be surely using their services again.

Nitisart Narasan (Changwat Sara Buri)

Very good

Jean Marcoux (Lachine)
Fast & efficient

Visa Indonesia delivered a fast & efficient service.
Rita, the representative, offred a top personalized service, giving me advice in selecting the best Visa for my need ! Terima Kasih 🙏

Emily Sutton
D212 multiple entry visa

Rita made this whole process smooth and effortless and I entered Indonesia easily with the digital visa she organised. She is quick to help with any questions you may have.

Public Holiday Notice

Please note that immigration and our office will be closed on March 11th – March 12th due to Nyepi Day, the Balinese Day of Silence.

Visa application processes will be inactive on that day, so please consider that when ordering a visa.

Immigration will re-open on March 13th for new visa applications.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


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