About Us


Visa Indonesia is a fully licensed visa agency in Bali and acts as a guarantor for foreign visitors who come to Indonesia. We help travelers and business people from all over the world with visa application and business setup in Indonesia.

What sets us apart from the rest?
We make it as easy and transparent as possible for everyone to understand the visa requirements, costs, duration of application etc. We offer customer support in multiple languages. We try to reply as fast as possible to live chats, WhatsApp messages, calls and emails. We are the only visa agency for Indonesia that offers payments in your native currency. 

We automatically deduct discounts on checkout for groups and to support families. We also offer special B2B rates for companies. Our service goes way beyond the service of a visa agency – at least for some customers. 

Important: Immigration closed

01 - 04 Juni 2023

We will not be able to process any visa applications during the time of immigration closure. Please order your visa now if you need it asap.


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