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A PMA is a company that helps foreigners to invest and start businesses in Indonesia. The PMA license lets you do this legally for any project of any size.

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PMA is a foreign investment company that aims to allow foreigners to be investors to invest and conduct business in Indonesia. The PMA License is suitable for projects of any size, providing a legal framework for foreign investments. The PMA also has a purpose to open job opportunities for Indonesian citizens. The company must have two owners. Owners can be individuals or a legal company, such as an investment company or a government. A company needs a director and a commissioner as an organizational structure. 

Things to consider

What do foreigners need to consider before making the PT PMA?

The Share of Capital Investments
A minimum capital of ​​20,100,000,000 IDR is required to declare an investment plan based on new regulations from Capital Investment and the coordinating board.

The number of shareholders
You need to have at least two shareholders to open a PMA. The positions of the two shareholders will be director and commissioner. The shareholders can be either individuals or legal entities. Having more than two foreigners as shareholders in one company is possible.

The business activity
The business activity is the type of business field that the foreigner will run.  

The address of the company
This is the address of the business operation. You can rent your virtual office address with us if you don’t have an office yet.

The following documents are required to open the company:
The company name: the name has to consist of 3 words (for example: “Hyper Media Consulting”)

The data of the shareholders

  • the scan of the passport information page for foreign shareholders
  • KTP and NPWP for Indonesian shareholders
  • address in Indonesia, where the shareholders are staying
  • email address of the shareholders
  • phone number of the shareholders
  • First, the foreigner must fill out the PMA form and send the shareholders’ details.
  • After receiving the form, we will check the business classification number suitable for your business activity.
  • Next, we will process the notary deed, the deed of establishment from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and OSS (Online Single Submission) document.
  • Before issuing the original document, we will send you the draft of the notary deed to check if all the details are correct. If all is ok, all shareholders will sign the notary deed.
  • After all shareholders sign the paper, we will continue to process the original document. It will take 3-5 working days since all shareholders will sign the paper.

You can add as many business activities as you want, but keep in mind that  you have to report the tax and LKPM of each business activity or KBLI ( Business Classification Number)

You can use the virtual office for up to 3 years. After that, you must change your business license and register your office address.

Yes, each PMA company needs to hire at least 3 Indonesian staff.

No, in order to create a PMA in Indonesia, you can sign the documents digitally if you are overseas

There is no limitation for sponsoring KITAS, but we suggest not too many, especially for Investor KITAS.

Since you mainly act under your brand name, the company name (name of your PT. PMA) consisting of 3 words is unimportant. Tell us your company name idea, and we will check the availability.


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