B211A Visa Extension Jakarta (+60 days)

We take care of your B211A visa extension in Jakarta (only possible if you have received your visa from us). Pay conveniently online and we will take care of the forms, handing in your passport, paying the extension fees at an Indonesian bank and picking up your passport. Add this service to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. After payment, you will receive a link to the extension form as well as the WhatsApp contact of our staff who will take care of your visa extension.

Important: You have to go to the Tanjong Priok Immigration Office for a photo and fingerprint appointment during the extension process.

The B211A express extension in Jakarta is done in about 4 hours, which means you need less than a day for the visa extension. You do the fingerprinting on the same day of the passport submission and get your passport back a few hours later.
The visa extension in Jakarta usually takes between 5 and 7 working days. You have to go to immigration three times. Good to know: you can always travel with a copy of your passport within Indonesia while your passport is at immigration for visa extension.

$ 218.00$ 248.00


Best price-performance ratio without negotiating.

Refund Policy

We have an extremely customer-friendly refund policy.


We are available from early in the morning until late at night via WhatsApp, email and phone.


Our service does not end with the issuance of the visa. We will continue to be there for you afterwards.

Processing Time

Express (same day), Regular (5-7 working days)


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