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You want to extend your current KITAS.
You want to apply for a new KITAS.
You want to apply from OUTSIDE of Indonesia (offshore).
You are currently in Indonesia and want to apply (onshore).
The express KITAS extension process takes approx. 5-7 working days.
The regular KITAS processing time is 4 to 6 weeks.
The express KITAS processing time is approx. 8 working days.
The regular KITAS extension process takes approx. 14 working days.
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The entertainment KITAS is a visa for artists working in the entertainment and art industries, with a maximum validity of 6 months.

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1. Add to cart

Purchase the e-Visa On Arrival by adding it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

2. Fill the Form

After checkout you will receive a link to the form where you can enter your data and required documents.

3. Receive Your Visa

Once your e-Visa On Arrival is approved, expect a message from our team via WhatsApp or email. Your e-Visa PDF will be on its way!

Onshore/Offshore application:Onshore and offshore
Valid from entry/activation:6 months
Number of possible extensions:-
Additional years per extension:-
Maximum length of stay:6 months
Convertible in another visa:No

We are proud to offer the fastest and easiest application process with the best value for money. You will receive the electronic visa directly from us via email. If you have any questions, we are available via WhatsApp, Live chat, or email. In all the time that we have been offering this service, no visa application has ever been rejected.

The Artist KITAS, also known as the Impresario KITAS or Freelancer KITAS, is a visa specifically designed for artists working in the entertainment and art industries, so, the foreigners can work legally in Indonesia. This Kitas is multiple entry visa with a maximum validity of 6 months.

The artist KITAS is suitable for …
… makeup artists
… models
… DJs, artists
… show managers
… dancers
… actors/actresses
… sports professionals/coaches

The Artist Kitas is non-renewable Visa. If the foreigner still want to continue their working contract with the company, They must do the cancelation of their current Kitas or EPO (Exit Permit Only) Process and then apply the new Artist Kitas.




  •  Scan of Passport: Identity page and cover (in color). Passport needs to be valid for 18 months
  • Address in your  Country of origin
  • Address in Bali (hotel/villa)
  • Domicile Letter with address in Bali (if applicable) or Lease Agreement Letter
  • Self-Photo with a red background (Color)
  • Personal phone number and email
  • Certificate of a university degree or relevant qualification
  • Working Activity Area in Indonesia
  • Working Title / Position
  • Emergency contact person (family members) address & phone number
  • Working Contract
  • Bank Statement with minimum balance $3,000


  • Company Business License, such as:
    * notary deed
    * deed of establishment from ministry of law and human rights
    * company tax card
    * OSS (Online Single Submission Document) ex : NIB, etc
  • WLPK (Wajib Lapor Ketenegakerjaan) Compulsory Company Manpower Report
  • ID of Company’s Director
  • ID of Indonesian accompanying employee
  • Company bank statement with minimum balance $10,000
  • Company letterhead
  • Company stamp

1) Add the Artist KITAS for Indonesia to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for payment.

2) After checkout, you will be redirected to a form where you can enter all relevant data for the KITAS application and upload the required documents.

3) We will check your data and documents and get back to you within one business day via email or WhatsApp.

4) If everything is in order and we have received your visa fee payment, we will upload the data into the immigration system. If you have chosen bank transfer as the payment method, we will need a bank transfer receipt from you, as sometimes it takes a while for the money to show up on our account.

5) If your company sponsorship still not provide your Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA) and Letter of hiring foreign worker from Ministry of Labor Department (IMTA), We can help you to apply for RPTKA and IMTA. You will receipt the billing of Government Non- Tax that you need to pay which is $600 because the visa is valid for 6 months And it is called DPKK, Excluding our services to apply RPTKA and IMTA.

6) After We Received the Letter of RPTKA and IMTA, We will continue to process your E- Visa

7) When the E-Visa already done, we will send to you and you have to enter Indonesia within 90 days since the E-Visa Issue

8) Once you enter Indonesia, please let us know, so we can arrange to pick up your passport to make the Report to immigration office to issuing your multiple entry (E-KITAS), You are required to visit immigration office for photo and fingerprint.

9) When the E- KITAS already done, we will inform you.

10) All of the Process will take approximately 1,5- 2 months process



Yes, you are allowed to earn money in Indonesia with the Artist KITAS.

The Artist KITAS is not extendable. You have to obtain the EPO and leave Indonesia before your KITAS expires. Afterwards you are allowed to apply again.

Yes, You are allowed to perform or work anywhere in Indonesia for the short period as long you show the contract letter between your company sponsorship and the place of your performance that state the place of your performance hire you from your company sponsorship.

No, you are not allowed to do multiple job, only spesific job based on the working contract and RPTKA.

Yes, You have to make Indonesian Tax card or (NPWP) and your company must provide the Health BPJS and Labor BPJS.

Family members of artists or performers may be eligible for dependent permits, allowing them to reside in Indonesia while the primary holder is engaged in artistic or entertainment activities.

Extensions for Artist/Entertainment KITAS are possible in certain cases, but they may be subject to specific conditions and approvals. Artists should consult with immigration authorities for extension requirements.

Yes, even for short-term engagements or performances, foreign artists or performers are generally required to obtain the appropriate visa or permit, which may include the Artist/Entertainment KITAS.

Sponsoring organisations or events play a critical role in securing sponsorship letters and supporting documentation for the artist's permit application.

Acrobatic, Ad Model, Art Director, Artist, Athletic Coach, Badminton Coach, Basketball Player, Bodyguard, Bowling Coach, Boxer, Boxing Coach, Boxing Promoter, Circus player, Dancer, Disc Jockey, Diving Coach, Fashion Model, Film Director, Football Coach, Football Player, Golf Coach, Judo Coach, Karaoke Guide, Karate Coach, Magician, Music Director, Musician, Paddle Coach, Platform Diving Coach, Polo Coach, Referee, Shooting Coach, Show Manager, Singer, Softball Coach, Sport Consultant, Surfing Coach, Swimming Coach, Synchronized Swimming Coach, Table Tennis Coach, Taekwondo Coach, Volleyball Coach, Volleyball Player, Wushu Coach.

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