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There are more than 120 visa agencies in Bali alone. However, we offer some features that no other visa agency can offer. Feel free to communicate these points to your followers. 

Online Payment with Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay and GooglePay
With most agencies, you have to transfer money to an Indonesian account or manually deposit money to a PayPal account. Usually, you do not have the comfort of paying online via your AMEX-, Visa- or MASTER card, or even Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Free local bank transfers in 10 different currencies
Foreign bank transfers are often expensive, slow, and non-transparent in terms of costs and exchange rates. We accept local bank transfers in the following currencies:
– EUR (worldwide)
– AUD (from Australia)
– CAD (from Canada)
– USD (worldwide)
– GBP (worldwide)
– HUF (from Hungary)
– NZD (from New Zealand)
– RON (from Romania)
– SGD (from Singapore)
– TRY (from Turkey)

English-speaking contact person (also locally)
Most of our staff has above average English language skills. This helps to avoid miscommunication and makes communication easier.

Availability from early in the mornings until late in the evenings
We are also available on WhatsApp on weekends and holidays.

Customer-friendly refund policy
In Indonesia, you can assume that once you have paid your bill, it is very difficult to get your money back. We guarantee a 100% refund as long as the visa application or extension has not been submitted yet.

Family and Group Discounts
As far as we know, no other agency gives discounts automatically to families and groups. Family and group discounts are automatically applied to the shopping cart before checkout.

The easiest visa application process for Indonesia 
We have invested much time in optimizing the booking process and the application procedure. It should be possible for any customer to complete the visa application or visa extension easily.

Service beyond the visa application/extension process
We patiently answer all kinds of questions about travel within Indonesia or other issues that are not directly related to our visa service.

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Indonesian Public Holiday Notice

Please be advised that due to national public holidays, immigration services will be unavailable on the following dates:

February 8th – 11th: National Muslim Holiday

February 14th: Election Day

Immigration will be closed from February 8th to 11th for the Muslim holiday and will reopen on February 12th. However, please note that due to Election Day on February 14th, services will again be unavailable on that day. Visa processing and other immigration services will resume on February 15th, the next business day following the holiday. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.