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Who needs a Transit Visa for Indonesia?

Indonesia requires a Transit Visa for many travelers passing through the country. Passengers must have a valid visa in order to enter the country for any reason.

This includes clearing immigration during transit for:
– re-check in luggage if you change planes
– changing terminals
– staying overnight in a hotel between flights
– visiting Indonesia for a short period before continuing your journey.
Or if you stay longer than 24h or 8h (depending on the airport) at the airport during transit.

You may have to ask you airlines if you have to re-check in you luggage – we can’t check this for you.

We recommend you checking what visa is required for your passport. To check just type your country in our search. If you are eligible for Visa On Arrival, we recommend ordering the e-Visa On Arrival before your transit in Indonesia. If you are not eligible for Visa On Arrival, you require a Transit Visa for Indonesia (type B211A – select Transit in the “Purpose of visit” dropdown).

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