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What visa do I need?

If all these points match you are eligible for the Visa on Arrival, which is then your best choice:
Stay less than 60 days.
Stay for touristic purposes.
You have a passport from one of these countries.

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If only one of these points applies to you, you need the tourist visa B211A:
Stay longer than 60 days.
Coming from a country that does not issue a visa on arrival.
Unclear how long you want to stay and want to keep the possibility open for a longer stay.
You do not want to lose time at the Immigration Office for an extension.
You plan to apply for another visa afterwards without having to leave the country (e.g. retirement visa, marriage visa, investor KITAS etc.)
You are currently in Indonesia and need a new visa because the old one expires (Onshore Visa)
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If you are already…
– … older than 56 years.
– … in Indonesia with a B211A visa and have already renewed it once.
– … want to stay in Indonesia for one year
… you should apply for the retirement visa C319.

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