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Visa for journalism and film – B211C

A one-time visitor visa is issued to foreign nationals for entry and stay in Indonesia for 60 days or 180 days.
Foreign nationals who hold a one-time visitor visa (B211A) can engage in the following activities:

Journalistic activitiesForeign journalists covering news in Indonesia who have received a recommendation from the relevant authority.
Film productionFilm production at locations in Indonesia for which permission has been granted by the relevant authority.

Duration of stay
Depending on the type of your visitor visa, you may stay in Indonesia for 60 or 180 days.
The residence permit issued under this visa can be extended, but each extension is 60 days and the stay in Indonesia cannot exceed 180 days.

Procedure and requirements
You can apply for a one-time visitor visa for 60 or 180 days through the online visa application.

Required documents
– A passport valid for at least 12 months remaining for a one-time visitor visa application with a length of stay of 180 days.
– A passport valid for at least six months for an application for a one-time visitor visa with a duration of stay of 60 days.
– A travel document valid for at least 12 months remaining for foreign nationals without citizenship.
– Guarantor’s letter of guarantee, unless you are a tourist visitor. Or proof of guarantee funds from the immigration authorities for people who intend to make pre-investments.
– Proof of funds of at least US$2,000 or equivalent to cover the living expenses of foreign nationals and/or their families in Indonesia.
– A return ticket or a connecting ticket for onward travel to another country, with the exception of transport crew boarding the ship in Indonesia and continuing their journey to another country.
– Two color passport size photos 4 cm x 6 cm.

Supporting documents
Foreign nationals holding travel documents other than national passports or foreign nationals without citizenship must present not only all required documents, but also a re-entry permit from the country in which they currently reside.

Additional requirements
Proof that a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine has been administered.

Submission and processing of the visa
Sponsors or foreign nationals can apply for a visa on the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration at or directly through the online visa application.

The issuance of a multiple entry visa applied for by foreign nationals goes through the following stages:
Review of the documents submitted
Payment of immigration fees by the applicant
Profiling and verification
Approval of the visa
Issuance of the visa

Processing time
The processing time for a visitor visa is 4 (four) business days after the applicant pays the immigration fee. Sponsors or applicants can verify their visa through the online visa approval account and email.

One-time visitor visa for maximum 60 days costs Rp 2,000,000 per person.
One-time visitor visa for maximum 180 days costs Rp6,000,000 per person.

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