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Two year temporary residence visa for foreign investors – C314

A temporary stay visa for working is issued to foreigners who are investors in Indonesia.

Implementation of foreign investment with a two-year period of stayImplementation of foreign investment in accordance with the criteria in the provisions of laws and regulations in the field of investment with a period of stay of two years.

Duration of stay
The duration of stay in Indonesia is granted for 2 (two) years.
The residence permit derived from this visa can be extended.

Procedure and requirements
Temporary residence visa can be applied for through the online visa application by attaching:

– Proof of immigration bond deposit;
– Valid passport with a minimum validity of 30 (thirty) months for persons who will work or stay in the territory of Indonesia for a maximum of 2 (two) years.
– Proof of living expenses for himself and/or his family during his stay in the Indonesian territory of at least 2,000 US dollars (two thousand American dollars) or the equivalent;
– Two recent color passports measuring 4 cm by 6 cm (four centimeters by six centimeters) with a white background;
– A letter of recommendation from an accredited institution in the field of investment.

Additional requirements
Proof of having received the full dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Visa submission and processing
Sponsors or foreign nationals can apply for a visa on the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration at or directly through the online visa application.
Review of submitted documents
Payment of immigration fees by applicants
Profiling and verification
Visa approval
Visa issuance

Processing time
The processing time for a visitor visa is 4 (four) business days after the applicant pays the immigration fee. Sponsors or applicants can check their visas in the online visa approval account and by email.

Limited stay visa $150 per application.
Limited stay visa permit IDR 200,000 per application.
Temporary Residence Permit 2 years IDR 2,000,000 per application.

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