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Domain Whitelist

Did you know that you can link to us without the affiliate parameter (?ref=your-slug)? This is quite unique. Affiliate platforms usually do not offer this feature. 

What’s the advantage of whitelisting?

Affiliate links can discourage visitors from clicking on it if they know that the website owner receives a commission for placing the link on their website. Once your website is whitelisted, you can link to use directly without using any affiliate parameter. This usually has a positive effect on your conversions.

How can I whitelist my domain?

You can whitelist your domain for our website in the Affiliate Portal (last tab at the bottom left). Once we have accepted your domain, you can link to without having to use any affiliate parameter. Links and purchases will still be tracked as usual. 

Support Us

In case you are implementing a banner on your website, we would be happy if you could remove the affiliate parameter and use whitelisting option instead. Please use the alt tag “Visa Indonesia”. This way you can support us. Thanks a lot in advance.

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