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You already have a flight out of Indonesia before your visa expires and will send it to us. This is required for the visa extension process.
You don't have a flight out of Indonesia yet and want us to book your onward ticket for you. You can profit from our volume discounts and only pay 5 USD for the onward ticket. This ticket is required for the visa extension process.
You will receive your e-Visa On Arrival for 30 days. If you want to extend it later, you can do it yourself or book the Visa On Arrival extension on our website.
You will receive your e-Visa On Arrival and we will handle the extension. IMPORTANT: Sometimes the online extension is not working due to an error in the immigration website. In this case, you must visit the immigration office in Jimbaran (Bali) to complete the extension process.

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Do you want to enter Bali or Indonesia and apply for your Visa On Arrival in advance? You have the option to create an account on the immigration portal ( and apply there independently or you can save yourself the hassle and obtain your e-Visa On Arrival Indonesia (short e-VOA) with our assistance (application must be done minimum 48 hours before your flight). Reasons for obtaining the eVOA can be found in the “Description” tab below. The processing time is 2-3 business days. If you need the e-Visa On Arrival sooner than that please let us know and we will try to provide it faster. Before placing an order, please check whether you have a passport from a country eligible for Visa on Arrival.

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Best price-performance ratio without negotiating.

Refund Policy

We have an extremely customer-friendly refund policy.


We are available from early in the morning until late at night via WhatsApp, email and phone.


Our service does not end with the issuance of the visa. We will continue to be there for you afterwards.

1. Add to cart

Purchase the e-Visa On Arrival by adding it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

2. Fill the Form

After checkout you will receive a link to the form where you can enter your data and required documents.

3. Receive Your Visa

Once your e-Visa On Arrival is approved, expect a message from our team via WhatsApp or email. Your e-Visa PDF will be on its way!

Visa:e-Visa on Arrival
Onshore/Offshore application:Offshore only
Valid from issuance:90 days
Valid from entry:30 days
Number of possible extensions:1
Additional days per extension:30 days
Maximum length of stay:60 days (30+30)
Convertible in another visa:No

Do you want to enter Bali or Indonesia and apply for your Visa On Arrival in advance? You have the option to create an account on the immigration portal ( and apply there independently or you can save yourself the hassle and obtain your e-Visa On Arrival (short e-VOA) with our assistance. The main reasons why people choose our service are the following:

1) A more straightforward application process with no need for registering to yet another account and filling out more forms.
2) Plan to stay longer than 30 days and the need for a visa extension for another 30 days. With our service, you can order the visa extension together with the e-Visa On Arrival.
3) Option to choose another payment method than a credit card, such as bank transfer or PayPal.
4) Issues with the immigration website and no time to deal with them, such as problems with account creation (website is down or not working correctly, confirmation emails do not arrive, password reset doesn’t work etc.).


One empty page in the passport
You need to have at least one empty page in your passport

Color scan of the full passport ID page
Your passport must be valid a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia and have at least one blank page left. A proper scan is recommended but if you take a photo of the document, make sure all corners are visible and no fingers can be seen.

Passport photo/profile picture (jpg/jpeg/png format)
White or single color background and min. size of 200KB.

If you book an extension together with your e-Visa On Arrival and the online extension is not working (unfortunately this happens sometimes), it is then necessary to visit the Immigration Office in Jimbaran (Bali) for the extension.

1) Purchase the e-Visa On Arrival by adding it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
2) After checkout you will receive a link to the form where you can enter your data and required documents.
3) Once your eVisa On Arrival is granted, one of our staff members will contact you via WhatsApp or email and send you your e-Visa On Arrival as a PDF.

Visa extension
If you order a visa extension together with your e-Visa On Arrival, we will take care of the extension process before your first 30 days in Indonesia are finished.

If the online extension fails due to a system error on the immigration website:
1.) You bring your passport to our office or we pick it up in person or by Go-Jek.
2) We prepare the necessary documents and submit your passport to Immigration for the visa extension.
3) You will be informed of a photo + fingerprint appointment at the immigration office in Jimbaran (you have to be there in person).
4) After 3-5 working days the extension should be completed and our staff member will pick up your passport with the extension stamp from the Immigration office. You will then pick up your passport from our office or we will bring the passport in person or by Go-Jek to your accommodation.

You have the option to pay directly at checkout by debit/credit card or PayPal. You can also choose bank transfer you can transfer after your purchase. Keep in mind that we require the payment before we submit your application to immigration, because we have to pay the fee when submitting your application.ur application, because there are costs for the submission.

We offer several payment options like credit card, debit card, bank transfer and PayPal. You have to pay before we issue your visa.

Sometimes there may be delays in the delivery of the payment link. Occasionally the e-mail ends up in the spam folder. If you do not receive an e-mail after some time, please contact our support team.

If you don't have all the required documents immediately, you can easily submit them later via email or WhatsApp.

Yes, you can extend your e-Visa On Arrival directly after entering Indonesia.

If the online extension does not work, you have to visit the Immigration office in Kuta in person. In this case, we offer you the express extension with a maximum processing time of 3-5 working days. For the extension, you need to send us your passport, and once the extension is completed, we will return your passport back to you.

If you overstay your visa you have to pay 1,000,000 IDR per day per person. It’s best to pay cash. You should plan about 20-30 minutes extra at the airport. However, a punctual departure or extension is recommended.

If the extension is not possible online it takes place at the Immigration office in Jimbaran (Kuta, South Bali).

You have to organize the transfer by scooter/car/taxi to the photo and fingerprint appointment by yourself. We will let you know the date as soon as immigration schedules it.

It is not possible to switch from the Visa on Arrival to another visa. For example, to switch to the B211A visa, you must first exit the country, apply for the respective visa, and then re-enter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mustaqeem Bin Mohammad (Kuala Lumpur)

Good support

Helpful service for a hassle-free Visa

I got my Visa before arrival in Bali for just a few days. I chose Visa or arrival for 30 + extension because I needed to stay 33 days. When the time for extension came, I had to visit the immigration office. Everything was handled by the agent and the whole process took 4 minutes. The reason I am giving 4 starts is that there was no option to choose which immigration office to visit and I had to basically travel 2 hours one way to get to the Ngurah Rai office (we were staying in Tegallalang). The whole journey and back and forth was also expensive. So, if you need to stay a few extra days, apply for another type of Visa which covers 60 days upfront and avoid the extension process. My friend did that and the only different thing she had to provide was a bank statement with 2000 USD, I think. When I was looking at the government website, I did not find this type of VISA, neither did I get advised properly. So, inquire well before you order your Visa. I am happy with the service overall.

Tim Rutte (Surabaya)
Such good help

They helpt me out so well, no stress at all😁

Visa on arrival.

A perfect service. Thanks very much.

ilona ekkebus (Antwerp)
Good service, quick response time

Very easy process. They react very quick and are helpfully

Indonesian Public Holiday Notice

Please be advised that due to national public holidays, immigration services will be unavailable on the following dates:

February 8th – 11th: National Muslim Holiday

February 14th: Election Day

Immigration will be closed from February 8th to 11th for the Muslim holiday and will reopen on February 12th. However, please note that due to Election Day on February 14th, services will again be unavailable on that day. Visa processing and other immigration services will resume on February 15th, the next business day following the holiday. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Immigration Office closed from 23 Dec 2023 - 01 Jan 2024.

You can order your visa now but it will take a bit longer because immigration doesn’t process any visa applications during the time of public holidays.


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