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Visa Indonesia is proud to offer the definitely easiest and fastest way to apply for a visit visa for Indonesia: simply add the visa to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout and pay. Then enter your data into the form and upload the required documents. That’s it. Our support team is there for you during every step if you need them.

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Why book your visa for Indonesia with us?


We are available from early in the morning until late in the evening via WhatsApp, email and phone.

20.000+ happy customers

We have been serving students, business people and travelers to Bali since 2010. So far, none of our visa applications have been rejected and we have new applications every day.

Personal support

You are not treated like a number. We make sure you get all the info you need to make your travel to Indonesia as smooth and easy as possible.

Easy Refund process

We have the most customer-friendly refund policy of any visa agency. We refund whenever possible.

Family / Group discount

We automatically grant you a discount for families and groups of 3 or more people. If there are 3 or more visas in the shopping cart, the discount is automatically applied.

The Procedure

1. Purchase the visa

Choose between regular processing time and express visa. Add the visa to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout for payment.

2. Fill in the application form

After the payment you will receive a secure link where you can enter all relevant data for the visa application and upload the required documents.

3. Get your visa by email

As soon as your visa is ready, we will contact you via WhatsApp and send it to you by email.

it couldn't be easier!

Apply now for your visa

You can purchase your visa even if you don’t yet have all the necessary documents. Missing documents can be submitted later.

What are the application requirements?

Here you can find a complete list of documents needed for your visa application. We will take care of everything else. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or WhatsApp.

A scan of the cover (front and back) and the ID page is required. Your passport should be valid for at least 12 months. Proper scans are recommended but if you take photos of the document, make sure all corners are visible and no fingers can be seen.

At least 3.5 x 4.5 cm and 100KB in size. Preferably on a white background wearing a shirt with a collar. A selfie is accepted as long as the resolution is good and the background is white.

Vaccination book with a minimum of two vaccinations against COVID-19, digital certificates of at least two separate vaccinations, or a medical certificate from a government hospital in the country of departure of inability to take part in the Covid-19 vaccination program due to a special health condition or comorbid disease.

Frequently asked questions

You need a B211A visa if:

1) You plan to stay longer than 60 days in Indonesia.
2) You are not sure how long you want to stay in Indonesia and you want to maintain the possibility to stay longer than 60 days without having to leave the country.
3) After arriving in Indonesia, you want to apply for a temporary residence permit/KITAS (investor, spouse, retirement…)
4) Your reason for entry is not for tourism purposes (e.g. business, family, education, volunteering)
7) You stay longer than 30 days in Indonesia, plan to travel a lot during your stay and might be unable to come to the Immigration Office for your visa extension (you must come in person for your photo and fingerprint visit).
8) You have only a temporary passport and want to enter Indonesia.
9) It is uncertain whether a visa on arrival will be granted due to your vaccination status or other formalities and you want to be on the safe side.

Prices start from 295 USD and include all visa application processing costs (fees for the Indonesian government, sponsor fees, possible flight reservation costs etc.). 

You have 90 days’ time to enter Indonesia from the date of the issuance of the visa. The visa is valid for 60 days from the date of entry into Indonesia. If you want to stay longer, you have the possibility to extend your visa up to two times for another 60 days at a time. Thus, you can spend up to 180 days in Indonesia. Visa extensions can be purchased at the time of the visa application or later as needed.

Currently, the applications take about 7-10 business days. For urgent applications, you have the option to choose Express service (3-5 business days in general). 

We have not yet had a case where a customer’s visa was rejected. As long as the above-mentioned requirements are met, the visa should be granted. Reason for refusal would be, for example, if you have been entered into Indonesian blacklist due to violations of Indonesian law or because there is an outstanding international arrest warrant against you.

Usually our company acts as your sponsor during your stay in Indonesia. However, in some cases we use a partner agency, for example if you want to stay mainly on the islands outside of Bali and your stay will exceed 60 days. In such case it makes sense to work with a partner who can help with your visa extension in the area you are staying.

Yes, the B211A visa can also be applied for children and/or your partner. However, each family member (including babies and children) require a separate visa. 

Currently there is no quarantine requirement in Indonesia as long as you do not have any COVID-19 related symptoms upon entry (e.g. a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius).

What clients say about us

Based on 318 reviews

Absolutely amazing service. Clear communication and I always got a fast answer when I had any questions considering my application. I would definitely recommend their service!

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Alejandra Penalva (San Pedro Sula)
Excellent service

I needed a visa in less than 48 hours because of a change in travel requirements from my country and they were able to deliver. Excellent service and Rina is very fast to reply. The process went smoothly.

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Thilan Fernando (Malé)

Thank you so much . Appreciate of last minute request and it was so quick

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Rie Husebø Jamholt
Very happy

Super happy! Got my Visa in time and they were soooo helpful!

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Patricia Efremidi (Istanbul)
Best Supporting Service &Right in time!

I haved an emergency with my visa so I asked to make it express 3~5 days ,right in 5th day is was ready !!!! thank you so much! I strongly recommend this guys to help you in your travel journey they will do their best to help u again thank to you all!!!

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Haritiana Emmanuel RAFARALAHISOA
We are very happy

Yes. We got the B211A Visa in 3 days. Very professinal team!! Thanks a lot.

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia

Timely approach in the application processing which is great.

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Rubina Rizwana KHAN (Melbourne)

Rita was so helpful and amazing… thank god I found her on the right time thanks once again Rita

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Alina Kurmangaliev (Munich)

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia

Best in class service

Quick response and on time visa issue

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Tandin Dorji (Bangkok)
Great Service

Prompt and reliable. Thank you 🙏

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Aroulen Kistnasamy (Saint Pierre)

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Marco Vargas Ulate (Tokyo)
Great and fast servicetinue

I made the mistake of thinking that I needed no visa for my Bali trip, with just 8 days before the trip. The company was very accommodating, with a clear platform to add the necessary information for the visa process, and efficient communication through WhatsApp. They right away send me the information to access the website to check the status of my visa, the visa came then in 48 hours-

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Olwen Rowena Bradford-Cowling (Perth)
Excellent Service

I found Visa Indonesia’s explanation of different visa types and how to apply very clear & easy to apply. The turnaround service too was also very quick.

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Raymond Ronald Kulpa III (Itasca)
B211A Visa

Great job, and quick responses!

Great service

They were available anytime for my questions.and I got my visa within a 9 days thank you Rita 👍

Passport collection
rodney downie (Denpasar)
Visa extension

Great work by all thank you

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
wise entity (Bekasi)

Wow, this worked flawlessly

Great Service

The Service was very good - they were available for Questions anytime and even reminded me on extending my Visa early on.
The Extension Process was also very fast which was very good so I could extend my journey through Indonesia. Recommend Highly.

Greetings from Munich!

e-Visa On Arrival for Indonesia (B213)
Jamilla Klaassen (Dreumel)
Absolutely amazing

Very kind! Great communication. Help you when you have a question and fix it. I did something wrong, they told me not to worry and fixed it correctly. Haven’t had such a good help from a company in a long time. Definitely would recommend!

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Hussam Mahfouz (Riyadh)
Best Servise

Fast Reply at any time even during weekend.

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Aïcha Hanzal (Mataram)
travel - vacation save by VISA INDONESIA

Following bad information regarding my trip to Bali, and my nationality, I found myself stuck in Kuala Lumpur at the entrance to my flight to Bali without any real help in finding a solution. After running to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and doing research on the net, VISA INDONESIA and Rita appeared. 🙏🏽 In a few messages I received clear answers, I was reassured and supported. I can't thank Rita & Visa Indonesia enough for really saving my trip. I recommend with my eyes closed and once again Rita thank you 🫶🏽

Best Service

Thank you Benjo for the quick an uncomplicated service. It make it easier to travel 🤍☀️


It all went really great and was easy:)! Thank you so much.

B211A Visit Visa for Indonesia
Quadero Rolle (Nassau)

They are reliable, on point and service is swift and accurate

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